Traumalo 2.0 update

Things are running fairly smoothly with Traumalo 2.0..

the latest batch of accomplishments are:
  • Encoder functionality
  • New serial LCD display
  • Visual Menu system
  • Save and recall multiple user settings 
All of the above have been tested and are in working order!

Next "to do" items on the list are:
  • test / program the rotary switch (mem recall) 
  • wire up the multiplexer (MUX) to all the pots
  • combine all of the working pieces of code into a single program (sketch)
  • wire up the sensor box
  • layout & wire up all the hardware together onto the Prototino board
  • final testing
  • silkscreen front panel of enclosure
  • final assembly
videos of the process have been lacking mainly due to the inability to record the lcd screen properly!
i will have some vids of the silkscreen process and the assembly of the unit... as well as any testing involving audio that i may do....

so, stay tuned....
and in the meantime.... go make some stuff of your own!!!