The Multiplexer!

I've made some fantastic headway with figuring out the code for using a multiplexer with my arduino. SparkFun sells this killer breakout board that lets you have 16 inputs reading on a single arduino input!
check it out!

I'll be using this in a few upcoming project for the Orlando Maker Faire . So stay tuned for project updates and mux code samples!


The TLN Makerspace is shutting the doors and sadly will no longer be open for meetings.
We will be keeping the online presence in tact, spending time & effort focusing on it's growth and expansion

We look forward to your continued involvement in the TLN online community.


3D printed card holder

Needed something to hold the mini damage cards that come with star wars x-wing miniatures game...and who better to tackle the job than good ol' makerbot!


Android App - step 2....Sensor test

quick test of the accelerometer & orientation sensors in the phone....this was a success!  The next step will be to try and spit whatever info im getting from these sensors over to the arduino, via bluetooth of course!


Android App - step 1.. talkin' to the arduino

Quick demo of an App im working on, this is my 1st attempt at App  Makin' so the goal was to just get some information passing between the android device and the arduino via bluetooth.


diy animatronic eye pt.1

quick demo of an animatronic rig im working on

Our 1st "Review" -Adafruit data logger

It's been a while since i built a kit of any kinda, and since i needed some extra memory for some of my recent projects, i figured it was time get one.

I went with the adafruit data logger sd shield, normally i like to build my stuff from scratch, but since i have never used an SD card on any of my builds, i thought it would be wise to have a nice working version on hand so when i do start building them, i'll have a perfectly working model to test against if i run into any problems! I learned long ago that the $20 spent on something is far less aggravating than trouble shooting for hours on end & not knowing if you have a code problem or a hardware problem!

It took over a week from order to delivery (ny to fl) which i found rather odd, but other than that i gotta say im pretty impressed with the kit (as per usual with their stuff)! i found the instructions to be PERFECT for a total novice, but easy enough to scroll thru and skim for those of us with experience.

example code on their site was spot on, nice project walk thru, but i would have liked to see a simple "read & write" tutorial as well, mainly due to the fact that im not using the unit in the same way as it's being used in the tutorial & i would imagine im far from the only one NOT using it as explained.

The site also offered great info on how to format and/or trouble shoot a non working card.

overall, another simple to build, cheaply priced, well documented product from adafruit! --- thanks for making this hobby so accessible!!!

* On a side note, when testing the unit, make sure the SD card is actually in the card slot and not sitting on your bench!... LOL, this will def. save you a lot of frustration!