Meggy jr

 Ahhh... the MEGGY JR !
an arduino based "you program it" handheld game system from
Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories

i gotta say, i really REALLY love this thing! ....

i got mine as a kit, it was really fun and easy to build, GREAT instructions and awesome customer support. (had a broken part, replaced with out issue)

while taking a break from working on Traumalo 2.0, i decided to bust out the meggy and start messin' with it again ... i had a cool idea for a shooter / race game but no sooner did i get the unit hooked up, i found myself playing a game i had worked on back when i 1st got the meggy.

this was a lot more like a buncha test code than an actual game, but it was still interesting and kinda fun to play...and wouldnt ya know it... i actually got some cool ideas on how to make it into a REAL game....SOOoooooo... i put the new game on hold (lotta learning involved to get it working anyway..lol).

the game was originally called "frantic" ... i think i might change it to "swarm"...anyway, game play goes like this:
there is a crazy dot that blinks around the screen randomly,  and there is a lovely gold trinket that is randomly placed on the screen, your goal is to move your dot to the gold trinket without getting attacked by the evil red dot...mind you the dot does not recognize or acknowledge your position, it jsut randomly flits about.

when you reach the gold trinket, you are rewarded with points, the gold dot moves to a new location, and the evil red dot speeds up.

after reaching the gold 3 times, another evil red dot is added .... 3 more times and ANOTHER red dot is added...etc..etc...

over all it's a pretty simple game, but it does have an addiction factor to it ....
and isnt that all ya really want in a game anyway!?!