Makerbot Update woes....

after a month of owning the makerbot, it was time to purchase some new plastic, and i figured i would also take advantage of the new smaller nozzle and filament now offered.

the bot came with 3mm filament and .5mm nozzle ... i have upgraded to the 1.75mm filament / .4mm nozzle for faster prints with a higher resolution.

seemed like a simple task, swap out a nozzle and some interior tubes ... then swap out a couple of plastic plates located in the feed mech.

it was a little hairy, but knowing the bot as intimately as i do (from building it the 1st time) i made it thru unscathed!

the big trouble started when i was trying to get the thing to print......
the filament kept getting hung up and wrapping itself around the feed gear and jamming the machine.... this took a ton of taking apart and re-assembling to test/re-test

eventually i broke down and re-aligned the drive gear (blindly) in hopes this would fix the problem... and alas i was able to get a print finished.

went for another print and 12min into it... wrapped up..again!

i think this time was caused by the print head being too low and creating back pressure into the flow tube..... so i think now its a matter of tweaking the Z max level in increments of .02mm
but i do have it narrowed down to 110.5mm being too high & 111mm being too low

from the little bit of success i have seen... the new resolution is amazing and once i get this tweaked, it will have been worth the work to get it dialed in.