2010 - project #1

Well it's a new year and i've decided to start it off with a bang... er, some fuzz.

During the xmas holiday, i noticed just how many projects i have that were left 1/2 finished from years gone by, cluttering up the lab and making me feel guilty for taking on NEW projects and challenges.... so i have decided that THIS is the year they will all (or most) will get finished!

I have put a new rule in place for myself:
-New projects can only be started AFTER an old one is finished!

That being said, i went thru my box of non finished goodies and pulled out the very 1st effects project i ever built, (an old electro fuzz knock off) some of it's parts had been salvaged for use in other projects, leaving the lil guy left for dead!

I could only 1/2 figure out what i did to build it, but was able to reference some similar schematics i found on the interweb and by the end of the night the ol' fuzz box was working!

here is a pic of the ugly yellow bastard.

Having more experience under my belt, i see some things i would like to change about the circuit /layout/function/etc ... and will probably revisit this lil box for a use in a drone synth im working on, but until then it shall remain intact.

So far 2010 is off to a good start...
  • Rules have been set
  • Ideas are being documented
  • Projects are being completed

Stay tuned for Project #2 updates